About us

The history of our shipping company

The history of our shipping company is closely linked to that of our Peter Schultz. His father, Wilhelm Schultz, was a sea captain and his mother Maureen Schultz a respected lawyer for shipping law. So it was not enough that the maritime gene was passed on to him and he learned in 1980 in his parents’ business the profession of sailor. In 1983, a heavy blow of fate followed – he lost his father to the sea. The tragic sinking of the “RENATE S” off the English Channel.

But this sad event did not stop him from continuing to devote himself fully to seafaring. He continues to educate himself as a ship mechanic and collected miles in small and large journeys at various shipping companies. 1988 followed that pilot’s patent and from 1991 many colors at various shipping companies as a captain. In 1995, the well-considered change to management followed. As an inspector of a medium-sized shipping company, he acquired the skills needed for new shipbuilding and the trading of tonnage. This led in the year 2000 finally to the establishment of the own shipping company and to the purchase of the first ship.

In the years that followed, the shipping company managed to make a name for itself in the used segment by carefully buying and selling ships, and despite the general shipping crisis, the shipping line was able to be further expanded with great innovation. Moreover, this happened entirely without the use of outside capital. Today, Peter Schultz and his wife Manuela operate a 3350 t ship – the “MAUREEN S”. For which we can offer all services from crewing to project planning.

We work together with well-known companies. And we have already made a name for ourselves in the project load. We ship almost everything from salt to grain.

We can also bring containers safely to their destination with our ship. The shipowner Peter Schultz and his wife Manuela wish for the future many more successful years in the seafaring and with the entire family and crew. And one day we hope to pass on the shipping company to our children, with the hope that they, too, will continue to run the company in our favor and with the same passion.